Roland's Project

Roland and The Clayhorne Manor Crypt


"Before we started the school project,
the one in Roland's Project, I never reallybelieved in ghosts.  I don't know if Chris did,but I think he didn't either.  The experience we had at the station changed all that andstarted us off being ghost detectives".
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"This was a really, really strange experience for me, but I learned a lot. 
We also made friends with Zola, a girl from Africa, who was staying with her dad at the Manor. Zola helped us solve the mystery there; she’s great for a girl and we’re now writing to her. She’ll be back next year again to see her dad. What happened at the Manor was incredible, but it was also sad for me.  I think there are a few more ghosts to sort out there though".
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"This adventure we got to learn quite a lot about different religions and the history of our area during our investigations. My uncle assisted us with this, but it was me and Chris who eventually confronted  the ghosts and helped the people living at Redgrove.   Some of our detective work wasa bit scaryat times, but it turned out alright in the end".
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 Meet Roland and his friends