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She was a Shetcliffe, and that meant a lifetime living in the shadow of her family’s past. But Elisa was a tough lady, who would not be beaten or forced into submission. She feared no one and would fight all those who tried to harm her or her own. Elisa took hold of her life with both hands and lived it. She loved who she wanted and defied the gossip and cruelty of others. Many feared her and what they believed she had the power to do. But did Elisa do all of those things she was accused of? What was written in the book? Only those coming after her would ever know the truth.

by Amelia Moore




5 stars "Another engaging "Evening Wolf" story! - R. Sofair (UK)
This is the third book in the "Evening Wolf" series, although with each book we are actually going back in time. Elisa is the grandmother of Eve (book two) and the great-great grandmother of Elizabeth (book one).
In this book, we follow the life story of Elisa, in which the foundations are laid for certain events and references in the lives of Eve and Elizabeth, her descendents.
As with the other books in the series so far, it is an engaging story, and is well-written.
Although many local people in Elisa's village believe she is a witch who can "cast the evil eye" on other people, one is left guessing as to whether she really does have these powers, or whether bad things that happen to certain characters in the story are merely coincidence!

5 stars "A good story with interesting characters and a great context. Thanks" - Kindle Customer


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