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It was said she was the Devil’s own. It was said that the Devil came to see her born. Eve, a woman who lived before her time. A woman feared, loved, hated and revered. She asked for nothing except to be left alone, but they would not allow her to live in peace.

Eve’s story is one of love, cruelty, kindness and revenge. She was condemned and accused because of her family’s past. She came from a long line of cunning folk and she was not to be forgiven for carrying the name of Shetcliffe, a name that had echoed down the centuries as being associated with evil and witchery.


Eve had to protect herself and those she loved, and she would do that. She warned them…be aware…be very aware! 

 by Amelia Moore




5 stars "An involving prequel to Amelia Moore's first novel "Elizabeth"  - R. Sofair (UK)

This is Amelia Moore's second novel in her 'Evening Wolf' series. It is a prequel to the first novel 'Elizabeth', and is essentially of the life of Elizabeth's grandmother Eve (unlike 'Elizabeth', which is quite short, and only covers about a year in Elizabeth's life). It covers a period from 1864 to around 1945.  My main thought after finishing this book was: "what a life!", because Eve certainly experiences her fair share of drama, tragedy and hardship throughout her life, as she has to deal with the usual superstition/resentment from people in her village, and also certain authority figures.

I liked this book though because Eve is a person who one feels an empathy towards (just like her granddaughter Elizabeth), and I found myself wanting to carry on reading because I wanted to see what was going to happen to her next! It also reveals details of Eve's granddaughter Elizabeth's childhood, which are not revealed in the book 'Elizabeth' itself. I certainly appreciated 'Elizabeth' a lot more once I had read this book.  Judging by the publisher's website (J2 press), there are more books to come in this series, which will take us further back into this interesting family line, so I shall be looking forward to reading more!


5 stars "Riveting" - Veronika Tracy-Smith, PHD (US)

This is the second book I have read in the series and I cannot get enough of this writers work. The research that has gone into the development of the characters, the history and the setting is amazing. I could viscerally experience the time, relationships and culture of the people in the book.
As I read the book I could see the history of the Wicca tradition unfolding in such a realistic way. My recent studies in world religions made this all the more interesting. There is nothing dark and evil in these books, Eve and Elizabeth. It is more of deep caring for the human condition through very difficult times. It made me realize how good we have it in this day and age.

I am anxiously awaiting the next book. Please keep writing! You teach us so much history and religion through your stories. 


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